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January, 2011


Located in the city of Talisay, Cebu Phililippines, the park is found as a nature conservation center for endangered species. It not only breeds animals endemic to the Philippines such as Philippine crocodile but other species as well like sailfin lizards and the famous estuarine crocodile. Other animals in captivity are Rufous Hornbill, ostric, monitor lizards, myna and iguana to name a few.

The park is a great place to encounter and appreciate diverse and unusual creatures. Come! Explore Crocolandia and help us celebrate, study and protect the diversity of animals and their habitats.

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Cebu Zoo

Located on Beverly Hills in Cebu City, Philippines. Many locals have wondered on why the place is hard to find. That is so true since even the map on the internet does not have a name or label on the street leading to the gates of the one and only zoo in the queen city of the south.

The Cebu City Zoo is currently under the management of Mr. Giovanni Stephen Romarate. Dr. Alice T. Utlang serves as the zoo veterinarian. As of today, the zoo is home to a number of species. Among other residents, it has a 70-year-old parrot, some guinea fowls, pheasants, roosters, owls, sheep and goats, monkeys, a cat from Malaysia, and several reptiles, including an old crocodile that seems to have grown too big for its pen. It also features a golden leopard donated by Former Cebu City Mayor Tomas OsmeƱa. But its resident superstar is the Bengal tiger named Boggart.

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