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Cebuano is widely spoken and the major language in Cebu. Bohol, Leyte, Negros Oriental and some parts of Central and Southern Philippines shares the same indigenous language. There are differences from these places but variations are slight which makes conversation possible. Cebuano is distinguishable with the letter “y” in it’s manner of speaking such as “maayo kaayo” (very good), “puyo” (stay). Similar to “j” in Porohanon, a language spoken in Camotes, an island part of Cebu. Until 1975, Cebuano surpasses Tagalog, national dialect of the Philippines, in the aspect of the number of speakers. To date, there are over 20 million speakers of Cebuano across the country. Cebuano is interchangeably called as Sinugbuanon, Bisaya, Binisaya, Bisaya, Bisdak among others.