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Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Cebu though most natives reverred Santo Nino de Cebu, the Holy Child Jesus as their patron.The patron was changed to the Lady of Guadalupe to conform to canonical practice of having patron saints instead of Jesus Christ himself. The statue is housed inside the Basilica Minor del Santo Nino. According to historical accounts, the Sto Nino was given to a wife of Cebu chieftain by Ferdinand Magellan. This act is now depicted as one of the major festival in the country, Sinulog. Street dance, loud drums and a whole day of merry making followed a holy mass completes a day of rejoicing in honor of the saint.

Cebu Roman Catholic Archdiocese has several component churches, these includes Basilica Minore Sto Nino, Sto Rosario Parish and sacred church to name a few. Other non-catholic churches and temples are also scattered across Cebu.